Hypericon Gaming Schedule

The Hyperion 2009 game schedule has been posted. We've also added some new guests.

Hypericon 5! June 5 - 7. Nashville, TN.


Cosmopolis Lexicon

The three of you who are still reading this or who are seeing this post through the magic of the RSS feed might be interested in the Cosmopolis Lexicon. A Lexicon is a shared world-building exercise created by a really cool guy called Neel Krishnaswami a few years ago.

Click the link above for details on that.

This Lexicon features the superheroes and supervillains of a fictional city called Cosmopolis. The game begins on March 18, 2009 and is open to anyone who's interested.

Check it out.



Awesome Cover Friday: The Spirit Part Two

Hey, Kids! It's part two of my Spirit coverfest! Part one is over here.

What I said yesterday still stands but I want to point out Eisner's use of shadow and line. Especially in the first two covers below. Also, I want to reiterate how awesome it is that each of these covers tells a story. Each image feels active as if there are things happening before and after it instead of just being a portrait.