Blog-a-log-along with us

Tegan of Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog fame wishes I'd update more often. I do, too. So, I'm using her Blogaround Challenge as an excuse to do just that. And check out her blog. It is teh rock.

1. I like The Comic Asylum a lot. He's just wrapped up his "10 Greatest Comic Battles Ever" series. Good stuff. It helps that I agree with him about said battles.

2. Tom Foss of the Fortress of Soliloquy (excellent name) likes Suicide Squad and still sports his "Brains Over Brawn" banner. These are good things. Mr. Foss is a mensch.

3. The Counter-Culture is a good mix of previews and comments on the comics industry.

4. Devon Sanders inhabits Seven Hells! which is another awesome name. Even more awsomer is his post about Black Manta.

5. Jason Rodriguez, an editor from Hoarse & Buggy Productions has his own blog with lots of "what it's like to be a comic-book editor" stuff in it. He's a good, engaging writer.

6. Comic Book Wife has the following tagline: "Just an ordinary comic book wife and her comic book life. Follow me through the trials of playing house with my artist hubbie." It's a good, frequently-updated blog with great content and it has a wedding picture where the dude's dressed like Thor! Thor, man! That's hardcore! He's got the hammer and everything.

7. Comics Ate My Brain has good, short reviews of the latest Wednesday offerings and it brings the funny with some longer pieces.

8. The original comics at Freak Comics such as The Adventures of Stickman are funny. You can also find some reviews and commentary on (mostly Marvel) comics. Me like.

9. Comic strips are totally The Comics Curmudgeon's bag, baby! Yeah. He's got a sense of humor and he's not afraid to use it! He'll show you. He'll show you all!!

10. Brandon Hanvey speaks the mighty name of The Geekout Blog and becomes wreathed in psychic flame which allows him to post really cool previews of stuff he's working on.

Anybody else want to try this? I found a bunch of very cool blogs. Thanks, Tegan!


James Meeley said...

Hey, thanks for your plug of my blog and your thoughts on my 10 Greatest Comic Battles Ever list. It was a lot of fun to do, as it brough back a lot of great memories for me with all the comics I've read in my almost two decades of reading them.

I checked out some of you stuff here. I like it. I'll be adding you to my list of links at The Comic Asylum. People got to know where the good blogs are, right? ;)

Thanks again.

Vaklam said...

Thanks for the comment and the link. As soon as I get my template updated yours will be in my sidebar, too.

Keep up the good work!

Jason said...

Thanks for the link and words - mine's going up tomorrow - I'm inspired.

Devon Sanders said...

I wish I'd found your blog earlier. It kicks!