Awesome Cover Friday: Nightmask!

Nightmask is another New Universe title I liked a lot. The main character's origin is kind of messy but all you really need to know is that he was in a coma, the White Event woke him up, and he found he had the power to enter people's dreams. Needless to say, this comic was one big, honkin' psychodrama. It dealt with the things we all keep hidden as well as the definition of identity.

Also, there were some kickass fight scenes in upside-down cities and stuff.


This is what happens when you take Freudian interpretations too literally. Nightmask resolves this issue by fleeing to the land of cigars.


When you spend your days in a realm where anything can happen, a big, tentacled horror floating towards you while you stand on a bunch of planets is no longer surprising. Nightmask has always taken the brown tab.


Ah, yes. The old M. C. Escher homage. Except this time there are yellow dudes trying to kill you. Which, as I understand it, is how Escher actually died.

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