Why Comics Fairplay Rocks

Obviously Noetic Concordance is in a bit of a slump. Regular updates will return but I'm not sure when.

Until then, check out one of the best comic blogs that is being updated regularly: Heidi Meeley's Comics Fairplay.

Her recent post about Jodi Picoult's Run on Wonder Woman is some of the best comics writing I've run across. The rest of Heidi's site rocks, too. Sometimes literally.


Heidi Meeley said...

Vaklam, thank you for the kind words! I miss you! I hope everything is okay and that you are just really busy. Take care!

Vaklam said...

Hey, Heidi! Thanks for the comment. Everything's fine and you're right about the 'being busy' thing. Once stuff settles down, I'll be back to reviews and general smartass comments. :)

Keep up the great work!!

scartoonist said...

It would be cool if you could include my comics blog in your listing.


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