Newuniversal is set to return with a new artist, Steve Kurth. The pencils on Warren Ellis's post above look great. Kurth has some big shoes to fill but it looks like he's up to the task. I'm going to take this opportunity to highlight three of my favorite pages from Salvador Larroca's run on the book:

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Awesome Cover Friday: Christmas Style!

We'll close out Christmas week with a few seasonally-themed awesome covers.

Uncanny X-Men #143

Not only is the cover awesome, it's wrapped around one of the best single-issue stories in any X-title.

Bone Holiday Special

Merry, merry Rat Creatures!!

Howard The Duck Holiday Special

Howard The Duck always manages to encompass both 'Weird-ass' and 'Awesome'. This cover is no exception.

The Punisher Holiday Special

Moody, limited palette, excellent art. This one is truly awesome. The little Santa hat on the Punisher logo is just icing on the awesome cake.

Again with the webcomics

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This bit of jocularity has been brought to you by the fine folks at DieselSweeties.com.


Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas from Noetic Concordance!

Because Christmas is all about the lovin'.

A classic. That little frightened elf cowering behind Santa makes my heart grow three sizes.

And now, a couple of space-Santas with a bit less violence and kidnapping:

Bad News About Erick Wujcik

This is more gaming-related than comics-related but Erick did write the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG. Erick Wujcik, one of my favorite game designers and one of my favorite people, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

I got to play in a game he ran at Dragon*Con a few years ago and that single session gave me tons of things I have since used in my own gaming. I've played more sessions of his Amber Diceless RPG than I can remember and I'm spending lots of time on a MUSH which wouldn't exist without him.

Kevin Siembieda has put together a website where people can leave comments about Erick, his games and his life.


Awesome Cover Friday: Moon Knight Scarlet Redemption

Moon Knight is a badass. This is an undeniable fact. The Moon Knight comic, more accurately the Marc Spector: Moon Knight comic, also had some awesome covers. My favorite Moon Knight covers are the ones from issues 26 - 30, the storyline called "Scarlet Redemption". The story about a crossbow-wielding ex nun by the name of Stained-Glass Scarlet was pretty cool but the covers by Bill Sienkiewicz are pure awesome. Check 'em out.


Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Blackhawk!

Blackhawk is an action comic from the 1950s which featured flying aces from a bunch of different countries and the wacky adventures they got into. Howard Chaykin created a limited series based on this original in the '80s but those covers aren't as funny. So, I bring you Blackhawk!


Oh, man! Not only is it a giant robot, it's got, like, the coolest robot name ever! The Iron Emperor? Awesome! Is he actually the head of an empire?

Also, for a squad of international flying aces, the Blackhawks sure do spend a lot of time out of their planes shooting at stuff.


This cover is a perfect example of the fact that "Weird-Ass" and "Awesome" are not mutually-exclusive terms. Look at that thing! It would never work! Seriously, though, it's this sort of impractical defense spending that lost the war for the Nazis.


One-man helicopters. Why aren't we using these in today's Army? Oh, yeah, because they'll CHOP THE PILOTS INTO TINY PIECES!!


Flying Tanks. This one needs no further commentary. This cover is zen-like in its perfection. Bask in its magnificence.


I'm Not Dead Yet

An insane level of non-connectivity (mine and others) has caused updates to Noetic Concordance to stall, lately. I am posting this from a secure, undisclosed location to let you know we are still thinking about comics and will be resuming normal snarky, dumbass activities as soon as possible.

Keep the faith.

Fight the power.

Squeeze the Charmin.

And now, please enjoy this creepy-ass picture of the Red Skull's restless shade rising from his grave to take your soul to Hell. Happy Holidays.


Happy Holidays From Shortpacked!

Awesome Cover Friday is on the way. Until then, enjoy these Super-hero Christmas Lists from Shortpacked.


Ain't no party like a CBLDF party!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is throwing Holiday Parties! Admission is free to members and you can sign up or renew at the door.

You also have to be able to get to New York City, Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley, CA, or Vienna, VA on the right dates.


Friday Night Fights: Desolation Jones!

Do. Not. Fuck. With. Desolation. Jones.

Don't fuck with Bahlactus, either. SRSLY.

Awesome Cover Friday: Sandman Mystery Theatre

This is Noetic Concordance's 500th post

News Flash: Not all comics from the '90s were bad!

Sandman Mystery Theatre was an excellent series which ran from '93 to '99. It was written by two of my favorite comic writers, Matt Wagner and Steven Seagle and it featured Wesley Dodds in these cool, pulp-noir stories. There was a bit of confusion at the time because it overlapped a bit with Neil Gaiman's Sandman, another Vertigo title. Also, the covers of both series had that same multimedia look.

The design work on these covers, alone, is worth a look. The cool subject matter is just icing on the cake.


Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Repeal Day Special!

Happy Repeal Day!

Noetic Concordance salutes the anniversary of the repeal of the 18th ammendment with these vaguely prohibition and booze-related covers. Work with me, here.

First, we have Robert Stack as Eliot Ness. No one will be seated during the thrilling phone-conversation scene!

Beer. It's a comic about beer. What more do you want?

Fun fact: This is Wolverine's favorite comic.

And for those of you who may indulge a bit too much, we have Drunken Fist. Jeez, that kid has a big head. And great hair.