Shouting Into The Void

Hooray! New laptop! New post!

Comics-related content to follow Real Soon Now but I just wanted to say that Noetic Concordance is back and even though I haven't been posting I definitely haven't stopped reading comics. I'm really enjoying Nextwave and Young Avengers along with many other things that have come out in the past three months or so. Mr. Miracle and Frankenstein are continuing the fine Seven Soldiers tradition.

While you wait for the new stuff to show up, Noetic Concordance presents the following comparison as a public service:

Spiderman shooting a web:

Thwip, I say!  Thwip!

Dr. Strange casting a spell:

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!

The official Heavy Metal Sign:


It's easy to get these confused.

You're welcome.

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