Look upon my comics, ye mighty and Despair!

Spooooky Eyes

Speakeasy Comics is calling it quits which is too bad, really. The Comics Reporter has details including a link which will download a Word document with a short email from a former "unofficial" company representative, whatever that means.

I know nothing about the guy who ran the company other than reports of some bad experiences from some creators, one of whom told me of his woes first-hand during a signing at my favorite local comic shop. I liked two of their titles but didn't read any of the others which, I suppose, was part of the problem. I looked over their ads and solicits and it was obvious that this was a case of "Too Much Too Quickly".

I hope that The Gatesville Company finds another home. Their site doesn't have any news on that front, yet. The first two issues of that book were outstanding. You can find my glowing review of the first issue earlier in this blog.

Stories of hubris are always good for a refreshing splash of Schadenfreude but it sucks that a lot of creators got banged up along the way.


Melissa Gay said...

Oh, hell! I didn'rt realize "the Gatesville Company" was Speakeasy!!! I really like that book!!!!


By the way, "Oim the biggest ant you'll ever see!"

Patrick said...

Thanks for the nice thoughts about Gatesville! I have now put up a short note on the subject over at the blog on www.gatesvillecompany.com

Marc and I are continuing to hope for more Gatesville in the future. We don't hold a lot of hope for it being soon, but maybe after each of us has a bit more of a toehold on the "industry" we can work out a deal somewhere.

In the meantime, I just signed a deal to do a one-shot comic for Arcana, in the same painted style as Gatesville. I'll have more details on that over at my website (www.megaflowgraphics.com) as soon as I can spill the beans.

Vaklam said...

Thanks for passing along the news. I'll keep an eye out for the Arcana book and I'll add your site to my "check frequently" list.