The Gatesville Company #1 - Speakeasy (2005)

Swords and Little Sunglasses

Well, I talked the talk a while back and in my continuing attempt to walk the walk, I want to tell you about The Gatesville Company.

Mark Bryant (writing) and Patrick McEvoy (painting) team up to bring a kickass story into the world. Kazuo Kojima, master swordsmith, commits seppuku and immediately ends up in Gatesville. Check out page 2:

I don't think we're in  Kyoto anymore

Now, that's an opening!

The story is simple and well-told. Kazuo-san's got to get his sword back from this asshole or he's trapped in Gatesville forever. Gatesville is a sort of halfway house for the afterlife. The art is superb and fits the story well. Some painted comics consist of many beautifully-crafted panels filled with emotionless mannequins. McEvoy is able to paint emotion and expression and life into these panels. See for yourself.

The best thing about this issue is that it's completely self-contained. If you aren't able to find this issue (and I strongly encourage you to buy it if you do) you can pick up #2 whenever it comes out and you won't be left behind. Each issue will be its own story while still being tied to the same place. I'm assuming that the very cool Mr. Cross and Ms. Brand will appear in all the issues kind of like a sepulchral Tattoo and Mr. Roarke.

This story felt like a really good episode of The Twilight Zone. Man, I'm glad I picked this up.


comic_fan said...

Insane! This is a great concept that is going to be hard to overdo. I only wish that I had the whole series already, so I can see where Gatesville will go next. Who will drop in during the next issue? I only wish it were monthly. Looking forward to following this throughout! Thanks Mark and Patrick!

Marc said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it and great blog btw. I'll be checking in regular like.

Marc Bryant