The Badass Files #2 - Nathan Kane

Do.  Not.  Fuck.  With.  Me.

(I couldn't find a good portrait shot of Nathan Kane online and my scanner's not cooperating with me right now so here's a picture of Avery Brooks. )

Nathan Kane appears in the miniseries Ocean and he is a badass. Unlike many other badasses, Kane beats people up WITH HIS BRAIN! That's right. Nathan Kane is a Warren Ellis protagonist which means that he is smarter than those around him and he uses those smarts to obliterate his opposition.

Kane doesn't go looking for trouble but he's not afraid to mix it up when people screw with his stuff. Therefore he has a rating of .74 Waynes*.

First off, he has a badass name. Nathan Kane.

Second, he's a U.N. Weapons Inspector. That's a pretty badass job. You know what makes it even more badass? He's a space-faring U.N. Weapons Inspector! He gets to go to Jupiter!

Finally, he's not afraid to use anything as a weapon. A gun, an orbital lander,


the gravity generators on a spaceship!! ZOMG!!!!

I'm just going to let the following pages do the talking for the remainder of the post. Click the thumbnails for readable versions.

Badass! Badass!! Badass!!! Badass!!!!

*The Official Unit of the Badass Scale

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