D-Cups of Justice! Henry Pym!  I will sex you to death!

The images above are from recent covers of Ultimate Vision and Mighty Avengers.

Just when I think comics can't surprise me someone uses "Frank Cho" and "Ultron" in the same sentence and they're not being ironic. There's a strong tradition of cheesecake in comics. I have no problem with it in general but come on! Did Ultron wake up one morning and say, "It's not enough to crush Dr. Pym beneath my adamantium heel; I need to look smokin' hot while doing so!"?

What's next? Greg Land's sexy reinterpretation of Nimrod?


Melissa said...

Whatchatalkin'bout? Nimrod is ALREADY smokin' hot!!!


Ok, no. No, he's not. I'd sooner date MODOK.

Vaklam said...

I'd rather date his cousin, MODOL.

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