Greg Land

I've mentioned my dislike of Greg Land's reliance on photo references before. Here's a link to an article on Jim Smash that I found by way of Heidi Meeley's excellent blog.

Turns out he's doing more than just copying pictures out of magazines.

Also, I figure this is a good post for Noetic Concordance's return. It's linkblogging and bitching about an artist. If I could have worked a link to Mike Sterling's blog into it I would have had a hat trick. Hey, wait.


Jason said...

Man, that is awful. Despite the presence of Brubaker and Fraction, this is the reason I can't bring myself to read their X-Men run.

Once thing I've been wondering is, with the use of all of the photo-referencing of name actors in these books, there's gotta be a way for the actors to sue Marvel for using their likenesses without permission, right?

Vaklam said...

Excellent question, Jason. I have no idea. However, my wife is an artist and I know she's very careful about using any sort of photo reference because she's concerned that the original photographer might sue. I'll see if I can drag her over here to weigh in on the topic.