Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Spy Smasher!

Greetings inferior, single-brained creatures! It is I, King Clownape! The proprietor of this 'blog' has been typically lax in 'updating' and other activities which require the use of 'quotation marks'. Therefore, I sent my army of Gibbons and Siamangs to 'convince' him that he should begin the Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday posts once again.

And by 'convince' I mean 'physically assault'.

So, this Wednesday-- What? It is, too Wedensday! I am your monarch! I have decreed that it is now Wednesday. And circus peanuts are our national bird. So, there!

As, I was saying. This Wednesday, the hairless ape who 'runs' this place has chosen to blather on about spy comics of the 1940s. Normally, I would have him summarily executed for choosing such a lame subject but I have decided in my magnificence to 'cut him some slack' as the kids say. He is still a bit rusty. So, Vaklam, 'take it away'!

Vaklam: Thanks, Your Majesty. Anybody who knows me, knows I love pictures of dudes attacking planes in mid air. Back in high-school they used to call me "That Guy Who Loves Mid-Air Plane Attacks By Dudes". I also love making fun of comic-book covers from the 40s and 50s. And so I present to you, Spy Smasher! It was tough to limit my choices to just three but here they are in all their weird-assery. It is too a word. The King says so.


Let's start right off with the dude kicking a plane! How badass is that? This guy is serious about smashing spies. Although, I'm not sure that a pilot wearing a Japanese uniform and flying a clearly-marked Japanese plane counts as a spy. Maybe he was flying really high. Or maybe Spy Smasher has overstepped his original job description. He's a real go-getter, that Spy Smasher!


OK, I don't mean to harp on the whole 'Jap' thing but, look! He's fighting a dragon! That's almost as good as kicking a pilot out of a plane!

Hm, wait a minute. How is the dragon a spy? Maybe he was operating undercover among the American dragons. Filtering information back to his masters.

I'm beginning to doubt the Smasher's commitment to smashing spies.


First let's answer the question on the cover: No.

Next...Well, I give up. Hitler is not a spy. I guess shooting someone in the face is a valid form of smashing but the leader of an enemy nation cannot be a spy. He's too high profile.

Spy Smasher, you are brave and willing to kick dudes out of planes but you really need to either change your name or find some actual spies to smash.

Seriously. Get help.


Jason said...

Very nice, reminds me of an issue of Captain Marvel Jr. (or whatever book he appeared in) where he not only beat up a whole gang of German planes, he then beat up on the pilots as they parachuted to "safety". Now that's hard-core ass-kickery.

Good to have you back, hope the King's minions didn't rough you up too bad.

Vaklam said...

Beating up the dudes in the parachutes! That is hardcore!

Thanks, it's good to be back. The minions were ordered to leave my hands alone so that's something.

Yedna said...

Spy Smasher movie info on IMDB here.

Awesome to see you posting again Vaklam.