New Comics 9/28/05

Here are some brief thoughts on some comics many, many other people have reviewed elsewhere in greater detail:

Ultimate Secret #3 (of 4) - Marvel (2005)
Play That Funky Music, White Kree

Warren Ellis looks to be having a hell of a good time writing this. It's fun and full of badasses saying and doing badass things. It's got smart people kicking ass and weird-looking aliens. Way cool! Buy the trade!

Speaking of "weird looking", I'm going to have to find a new word to convey my thoughts on most of Tom Raney's art in this issue. I'm thinking I'll use "Muh-Heinous!". This issue was super-late so I'm assuming that means that Raney was asked to do some really fast, last-minute work but, damn, some of those faces look like they're being reflected in funhouse mirrors. Also, every time the Thing shows up he looks unspeakably goofy.

The freaky art didn't detract from the fun story, though.

Jack Cross #2 - DC (2005)
I have guns!!!!

The art is much better in this issue than it was in the first one but there is a MAJOR continuity error involving a van door and the action scenes still don't have a sense of motion. The story continues and the title character shows himself to be even more fucked up than Desolation Jones.

Young Avengers #7 - Marvel (2005)
Does this cover make me look fat?

This is still my favorite monthly comic. Everything I said back in July is even more true now. The "we're superheroes but we can't tell our parents" schtick could get old real quick but Allan Heinberg makes it work. He has managed to surprise me several times during this run and this issue is no exception. I miss Jim Cheung's spectacular art but Andrea DiVito is doing a fine job.

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