Super-Crazy TNT Blast #1 - Speakeasy (2005)

Badass and Badasser

I met Tim Kane, the artist on this book, today. He's a very cool guy. He gave me a Batman sketch and he signed my copy of the comic. So, it's a good thing I like this title. I'd hate to post a bad review after I hit it off with the artist.

Kane's work is reminiscent of Bruce Timm by way of Stuart Immonen. He can really put a page together and his figures have a great sense of motion. Most importantly, he can draw an action scene which, in a comic called Super-Crazy TNT Blast!, is essential.

Here's a sample page (it's half of a two-page splash but it gets the point across):

You demon bastards; you killed my son

The writing by George Singley and Jim Mitchel is also good. The story: A badass demigod from another dimension has come to Earth to feed on super-powered beings. The more supers he eats the more powerful he gets. The only people left who have a chance to stop him are the non-powered types. So, an alliance of people along the lines of Batman, Captain America, Shang Chi and Dr. Strange are on the run from The Magnate and his demon hordes.

I'm looking forward to the next issue. Speakeasy has put some good stuff out lately. The Gatesville Company, for example. They're putting some great creative teams together over there and I'm definitely going to watch for all of these names on future projects.

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