The Badass Files #1: Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one of the baddest asses in the entire Marvel Universe. In fact, with a rating of .92 Waynes*, he is one of the baddest in any universe.

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Being a badass is not just a matter of skill or strength, it's a matter of attitude and Moon Knight is all about the attitude. That's a ladder suspended from a helicopter that he's kicking that guy from. That kind of thing really makes a statement about your stance on crime.

His only real superpower is that his strength increases dramatically when moonlight hits him. The Badass Code doesn't let such things as being weaker when the sun is up hinder you, though, so Moon Knight fights bad things wherever and whenever he sees them. Badass.

He is also apparently drawn towards dread supernatural occurrences but I'd call that a "series of bad days" rather than a superpower.

How much of a badass is Moon Knight? His real name is Marc Spector. That's a badass name! He could just show up at a bank robbery and say "I'm Marc Spector; knock it off!" and the bad guys would throw down their guns and run. Not only is his name badass, he was a mercenary before becoming a superhero. Say no more!

Moon Knight is such a badass that only badass bad guys are worthy to oppose him. For example, Arsenal:

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Notice that the aptly-named Arsenal is literally wearing a pile of ordnance. Our boy Moon Knight has a freakin' bow and arrow! Is he cowed by the superior firepower? No, he's a badass! Let's look at the cover of the following issue to see how that altercation turned out:

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Only the living evil of Bushman...Could unite Moon Knight and Arsenal

Yeah, that's right, Arsenal: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


*The Official Unit of the Badass Scale


Drew said...

Sorry who's Wanye and why is he the ULTIMATE badass?

I always figured Shaft would be the unit of badass... or Undercover Brother.

Chip said...

Gonna have to dig up my old MK comics now. If he's having a resurgence, I might get more than cover price.

LJ just not doing it for you anymore?

Vaklam said...

The Wayne is named in honor of Bruce Wayne, therefore, one Wayne = "as much of a badass as Batman".

It is possible to exceed Batman's badassity. Shaft, as protrayed by Richard Rountree, for example rates 1.16 Waynes.

Vaklam said...

Chip, I'm not sure if MK's making a big-time comeback but Ultimate Moon Knight is going to show up in, er, Ultimate Spider-Man I think and the concept drawings I've seen look hell of cool.

I've got no problem with LJ. BC + LJ 4-ever! This format just works better for the long, image-heavy stuff I want to do comics-wise. Plus it's easier for people to access archived posts. LJ is more like an ice sculpture. Once it's out of someone's friends list it's gone.