Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: The Black Terror!

When I first read about The Black Terror in Alan Moore's Tom Strong I had no idea he originally appeared in his own title in the '40s. His secret identity was pharmacist Bob Benton. That's right, back then even pharmacists were badass. His sidekick was named Tim Roland but I'm gonna call him Li'l Terror.


The Black Terror and Tim don't let little things like Euclidian Geometry get in the way of fighting crime. Also, they hate planes.


See? They really hate planes.


Sometimes you've just gotta take the law into your own hands. Sometimes "Johnny Crossing Guard" isn't up to the task. Sometimes you've just gotta punch out a car in order to save a couple of kids who're probably too hepped up on the goofballs to look both ways.


The hiding behind the door while the bad guy shoots your bed thing is a pretty cool move. However, I'm not sure it's a good idea to put your name on the front door of your secret lair. And on your lamp. And your bedspread.

Man, I bet he sews his name into his underwear, too. And it's got a skull-and-bones pattern on it.

Bonus Cover! #27

Um, what the hell happened to the Terror's costume, there? Is that why he's mad at the cowboy? Did Tex mess up his pirate shirt?

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