Awesome Cover Friday - Amazing Adult Fantasy

I spend a lot of time here making fun of covers from the 50s and 60s but there are some really awesome ones from the past, too. One batch of awesomeness I just found out about is from the period of time that Amazing Fantasy was called Amazing Adult Fantasy, also known as the first half of 1962. My knowledge of Amazing Fantasy up until now began and ended with issue #15 which is the one featuring Spider-Man's origin. On a whim, I looked into the earlier issues and discovered the following covers. Each cover from #6 to #14 is great.

I have picked out some of my favorites to show you but a search for the title on the Grand Comic-Book Database will reveal the rest. Each one is a case study in elegant design and sensational imagery. Sketchy or solid-color backgrounds, crisp foreground images, and spectacular art make these things really jump off the shelves.

Also, the comic has the best tagline ever: The magazine that respects your intelligence.


Yedna said...

I'd recognize those two scientists on the 2nd cover anywhere. It's those French guys from Air.

Vaklam said...

Oh, my god, Yedna. It is.

Those dudes get around.