Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Shield-Wizard Comics!

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Vaklam: Er, thanks, Your Majesty. This week, Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday is actually being posted on a Wednesday!

In 1940, MLJ Comics (which would later be renamed Archie Comics) put out a title which combined The Shield with The Wizard. Or, as they put it, "The G-Man Extraordinary and the Man with the Super Brain". Check out the covers below and see if you can pick up on some of the subtle themes.


This one's a little blurry but you can see what's going on. Lizardy alien dudes with Tommy guns. And the sidekicks are tied to missles. MmmHmm.

The sidekicks are named Dusty and Roy the Super Boy. Make of that what you will.


Shield and Wizard are kicking some NAZI ass! Yeah! But wait. Those goose-steppers are armed with...torches?

Oh, they're burning Roy the Super Boy at the stake. I guess that explains why they don't have guns. My head hurts.


It looks like those lizard dudes are back. And this time, one of them is dressed as Dr. Strange! Nefarious!

It's a good thing Dusty was there to catch the nitro-glycerin. And, oh man! If Roy hadn't been manacled to the vault door just in the nick of time I don't know what we would have done.

Seriously, though. He's smiling. Roy, get help.

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Perky Skeptic said...

Does Roy in fact have ANY powers with which to justify being called "The Super Boy?"