Awesome Cover Friday - Adventures Into Weird Worlds

Last year, I posted a Weird-ass Cover Wednesday entry about Adventures Into Weird Worlds. I mentioned that the covers from this title straddle the line between Weird-ass and Awesome so this week I'm going to highlight a few of the awesome ones.

Wow! Just look at this. Anything else I say will only distract you from the awesome that is the cover for issue #7.

Oh, crap! Check out that green dude's knife! Also, is that skeleton ambulatory or is it just hanging around back there. Like a dungeon accessory.

BONUS: Look over on the sidbar. 'Don't lose your head'. Genius!

The art on this one is really cool and it's a great cover but I might not have included it if it hadn't been for the one-two punch of puns it contains. Knight! Shriek! Spectacular!

I...um. Dude. Seriously.


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