Defenders Assemble!

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I am sitting next to a really big collection of black & white Defenders issues. There are two things written on the cover that make me very happy:

1. Sal Buscema - Because it means that there's lots of early-70s Buscema art inside.

2. Volume 1 - Because it means there's gonna be a Volume 2.

It's the Essential Defenders collection! There are (if I counted correctly) 24 issues featuring The Defenders in this thing. All for seventeen bucks!

Some of the other names I am glad to see on the cover are "Len Wein", "Steve Englehart" and "Gene Colan". I don't know who's making these decisions over at the House if Ideas but I hope they stick around!

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Peter said...

I'm hoping they do more Defenders Essentials. I'm looking forward to the early Keith Giffen art.