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From the blog of the Executive Producer of the Global Frequency pilot.

An excerpt:

"I bitch and moan about how all this emergent technology is going to change the entertainment industry and nobody's taking advantage of it. And here I have, well, unless I'm mistaken, a fan base which exists and is trying to organize for a show which has never appeared on television. Not a cancelled show -- a show which has literally never aired on broadcast television. "

Basically, the words "snowball" and "Hell" come to mind regarding the probablility of GF airing but the following quotation gives me an iota of hope.
"BUT ... having said that, I'll make some calls, talk to some humans. I'll try to learn, in what time I have, how this totally new process could work. That's what we're talking here, about you (the audience) creating a completely new process for television shows.

On the other hand, the entire idea of Global Frequency is of ordinary people subverting the establishment and getting things done. The concept of a fan base for the show subverting the establishment and getting things done ... frankly that's a little irresistible."

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