Defenders the way God intended

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I'm going to post some reviews of the issues that make up the Essential Defenders Vol. 1 in the near future but I just wanted to say right off how much I'm enjoying reading these things! The first thing I noticed about the comics in this compilation is that they move fast! None of this "pages and pages of dialogue and exposition" you get nowadays. The story leaps from action scene to action scene and you'd better be able to keep up. Decompression be damned! The first Hulk issue in the book starts off with Bruce Banner unconscious and being dragged into a creepy mansion where people perform black rites on him. Damn! That's entertainment!

They're full of dialogue that would drive me nuts if I read it in something that came out recently but in the context of the early-70s wackiness that these stories come from it works, mate!

As soon as I get the scan-i-merator workin' I'll post some examples such as:

Right after Dr. Strange teleports himself and Namor into the Ward mansion. (Something abundantly clear from the art as well as Dr. Strange's words)
NAMOR: "We are back inside its walls!"

Until then, I leave you with the cover of Dr. Strange #183 which got the whole Defenders ball rollin'

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