Klarion #3 (of 4) - DC (2005)

Witchboy took the brown tab

I mentioned previously that Zatanna #3 is my favorite of the Seven Soldiers miniseries. This is still true. However, Klarion has the best art. Frazer Irving is the man! I love the look of every single panel in this comic book. The penultimate page is one of the finest pieces of visual storytelling I have ever seen.

Like Zatanna, this mini really shines with this third issue (which is good since it's only got one more after that). Grant Morrison is really good at building a story brick by brick while maintaining an interesting pace. This issue is practically self-contained though it works better when you know where Klarion has been before.

The story involves a kids gang called "The Deviants" who work for a wonderfully Satannic-looking guy named Melmoth. The kids are testing Klarion to see if he's worthy to join them while a deeper story goes on just behind the scenes.

Morrison shows his ability to write many different voices in this issue. All of the characters are well-realized and the story had me excited to see what each new panel would bring. Not half as excited as I am to see what issue 4 is gonna do.

In short: Klarion #3 is what I read comics for.

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