Rampage Rampage!

I like Fanboy Rampage. It's over there in my sidebar but I want to bring it to your attention. A few days ago I mentioned a bunch of new (to me) comic blogs I like so I thought I'd plug one that I read every day.

Fanboy Rampage is mostly about other comic sites. He grabs stuff from message boards such as the Bendis & Goeff Johns boards and he grabs news releases from companies. It's a great distillation of what's going on in ComicBlogLand. Most importantly: he reads Millarworld so you don't have to!

Check him out.


James Meeley said...


While I don't begrude you your enjoyment of FBR, I think that place is a testament to everything wrong with comic fandom as a whole.

Their snarky comments, their close-mindedness to anyone who they don't agree with, and the abnormally large amount of negativity they produce there, just sickens me.

Granted, there are plenty of problems with the comic industry, but FBR doesn't work to solve, fix or even point them out. They simply create another one, just by existing.

It really saddens me, too, because it just gives those who like to take potshots as comics even more ammo than they already have. And that's not something I think we should be doing.

I guess I've always been of the mindset that you should give people more reasons to want to join in with the comics crowd (and I don't just say that, because I work for a retailer of comics). That's what I try to do at my blog. But for all the good blogs like mine do, places like FBR ruin it with their childish and immature antics.

I hope you don't take this personally, but the day FBR (and places like it) is gone for good, I'll pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate.

People need to know why comics are cool and fun, not be given reasons to stay away. And the fact it's supposed comic fans themselves who are creating that kind of atmosphere at FBR, only makes the whole thing even sadder.

Vaklam said...


I see where you're coming from on FBR and I agree with you about the snarky, comments. I rarely read the comments anymore because there's almost always something in there that'll piss me off. In fact, I see the comments section as a separate entity.

The thing I like about FBR is the distillation of the conversations that are going on out there. The guy who runs it seems to truly love comics and that attitude comes through on his posts. That can definitely not be said about many of the commenters.

Also, it keeps me from having to go to each of the news sites every day just to keep up with what the various companies are doing. More to the point, FBR does a great job of reporting on what several of the indy publishers are up to and that's a good thing.