Klaus "The House" Gets Down

OK, Fanboy Rampage has already linked to this interview with Klaus "The House" Janson on Comic Foundry. In fact, they even pulled the same quote I did (see below) but it directly addresses something I don't like about certain artists:

"There's a trend in comics right now that seems to work with the audience and that is a riff on being 'realistic' - using photos and such as a basis to get closer to reality. Although, personally, that just makes me absolutely vomit... I don't think that comics are about photorealism, and I tell you that if I had one wish for this medium it would be to pull back from that. I think it's the thing that's going to kill comics. Don't get me wrong, there have always been artists and comics that rely on photorealism including myself, I might add, but it's going too far. The problem is that the attempt to mimic realism in comics results in work that is very limited and constrained... Comics are not about reality, it's about reality plus."

You go, Klaus!!

I don't think that style of art will actually "kill comics" but Klaus really articulated the thing that bothers me about, say, Greg Land's art on Ultimate Fantastic Four with that last sentence. Also, it's a really good interview with one of the best inkers in the business.

Um...just to attempt to throw something remotely similar to original content into this post, check out my mention of Janson's deal with Marvel. Er, which consists of a link to a Newsarama article and a couple of cool Janson pictures. Oh, well.

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melissagay said...

I've heard it said time and time again by professional artists in many different genres-- "Don't be married to your reference photos!" Because it makes your work look dull and lifeless. I hope these guys learn how and when to depart from their references in order to make their characters come alive.