Grr, Arg!

James Meeley thinks that the Hulk and Godzilla should totally fight!

I agree with him. This would crack the internet in half! Seriously, those two are strong. If anyone could do some internet crackin' it'd be them.

Anyway, if you agree with James and Me (what sane person wouldn't!) get in touch with Marvel and Dark Horse and tell them to commence to writin' and drawin'.

Oh, and tell them that Eric Powell (who has worked for both companies) should draw it.


James Meeley said...

Good show, Brian. This will surely help get the word out about this. I emailed both Marvel and Dark Horse today, as well as made reference to this at other folks blogs.

Keep the faith. We'll see this made reality yet! :)

Anonymous said...

What If....

Godzilla happened to be walking through the desert and happened to step on a building housing an in-progress Gamma Ray experiment?

Godzilla Hulk!

Anonymous said...

Or how about this:


Think about it...

Anonymous said...

Or this:

Godzilla, Herald of Galactus