Unintended Sabbatical

Between NaNoWriMo and prepping for my new job (which starts tomorrow) I've let my regular posting pace slip. Things will be back up to four or five times a week starting in December. I've got a few reviews I need to turn into actual posts but by the time I get them on the blog the comics they refer to will be in the 50-cent bins.

In short, I have really enjoyed the latest issues of Green Lantern Corps: Recharged and The Imaginaries. The mutant-related titles of the Decimation storyline from House of M could have been condensed into a single title because they all say the same thing. Some of them like Excalibur say it much better than others (X-Men).

Like most other blogspot users, I've had to resort to word verification in my comments sections to ward off the spammers.

Not comics related, as such, but I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and it is, in my opinion, the best of the series so far.

Oh, and the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection is available in the $120 - $150 range.

Biff!  Pow!


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