Civil War is teh suk

Jim Roeg actually read all the Civil War issues! Not only that, he wrote an excellent essay about them which echoes (and expands upon) my thoughts about Mark Millar's writing.

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Alex said...

Jim Roeg's thing shows my thoughts on Civil War, too, Vaklam. And I have read all seven issues...which are now in my hot, steaming attic, never to be seen or spoken of again
for all eternity. I am the # 1 anti
Millar and Anti Bendis there is and
I want you to know this first and foremost, even though I've put in my rants a lot on many sites about this sort of shit...

Millar, when he's done with Marvel in mid-2008(I've heard this on an interview of his, he signed his ex-clusive contract with Marvel for t-ill mid-2008)will move on to being a DC writer. And I want everyone to
know that if he mishandles ANY of the DC characters the way he did t-
o the Marvel ones, ESPECIALLY Wonder Woman, I will officially never buy any comics again(except off of websites for ordering and then only back issues)and I will do everything I can to blow a hole in Millar's life, however little I can do there might be. I hate Millar and the crap he caused with Civil War. Let's see if I CAN'T hate him more, huh?