Support Your FLCS

This week's haul was light again. What is up with that? I don't have any Civil War or 52-related titles on my pull list (well, except for Iron Fist which acknowledges CW as little as it can get away with) so that shouldn't be slowing them down. I guess I've just managed to spread my titles evenly over the release schedule. Financially it's a boon, though, since I'm spending far less per week at the FLCS than I am used to.

Speaking of comic shops, I urge you to go to a funnybook store near you and, y'know, buy some comics. Better yet, bring a friend or relative along! If you know of a good store, tell your friends. Set up a pull list if you can. Buy some trades. Look through their back issues for Silver-Age stories you can make fun of in your blog.

Finally, Warren Ellis asked the following question in the latest BAD SIGNAL:

"Is 'Nurse Igor' a bad name for a female character?"

Why would he even ask such a question? The universal answer can only be a resounding "No". "Nurse Igor" is quite possibly the best name for any sort of character ever.

Although, Captain Satan is certainly high on the list.

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Melissa said...

Nurse Igor = Best! Name! Ever!!!

If Nurse Igor had been in _One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest_, those inmates would NEVER have escaped.

Er. Bad example. :)