New (to me) blogs and 300

Added to the sidebar: The Illest Integer, Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge, BibliOdyssey.

Oh, and Again with the comics.

Every trailer I see for 300 makes me want to see it more. I liked the graphic novel and it looks like this movie will work really well on screen. I thought Sin City didn't translate well. Well, actually, I thought it translated too well. Those testosterone-filled stories worked remarkably well in book form but when they were put through the 3-D photocopy effect of the movie they came off as a weird mix of tedious and disgusting.

300 looks like it's going to be the sort of testosterone-filled story that will really kick ass as a movie. Oh, and it's gonna be on IMAX. Dang.


Brit said...

The Illest Integer gives you a jovial wave from across the blogosphere!

See me over here waving? Over here, next to a largely defunct website promoting a 1998 movie release?

Thanks for the mention - us 37 year old comics bloggers got to stick together.


Vaklam said...

Noetic Concordance waves back!

We took a longer-than-intended break but we're back now and I'm rediscovering these "blogs" the kids are on about so much these days.

I really like yours.