Gødland #16 - Image (2007)

I'm KIRBY-Riffic!

What can you get for 60 cents these days? A kick in the head, sure, but even that's not as much fun as Gødland! This issue is really cheap in order to serve as a jumping-on point for Gødland.

It's a recap of the series' previous events and, boy, a lot has happened since issue #1. Speaking of #1, you can view the whole thing online at this Newsarama page. It'll make a nice companion to the recap issue.

As recaps go, this one is pretty good. It's not quite the comic version of a clip show but it's close. It has all original art and it wraps it in a discussion among America's military dudes about how to handle the "Adam Archer Problem". There's even a little bit of new story in this issue and a fun ending.

So, go ahead, plunk down a little change, check out the first-issue link above (or the one for #8 right here) and see if Gødland's totally your bag, baby.

It's totally mine!

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