Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Weird Style!

It's about time I featured some weird-ass covers from comics with the word "Weird" in the title. I mean I did an Awesome Cover Friday installment about Weird Wonder Tales. Why haven't I done a weird-ass collection of Adventures Into Weird Worlds covers? Why indeed.

To be honest, these covers straddle the line between weird-ass and awesome. There's some pretty cool Eisenhower-era stuff going on there. What pushes them over the edge into weird-ass territory is the little sidebars. Check 'em out:


OK, I can see how a big dinosaur thing known as The Walking Death is pretty damn scary but I'm a little less terrified by "The Mad Thing" and "The Terrible Trees". It's like by the time these terrors got to the monster-name table they had run out of all the good ones. The guy right after them just got called "Lou".

Also, it's a good thing the couple on the cover didn't encounter the Running Death or even the Jogging Death because they would never have made it to that cave in time.


Again, the main image is pretty scary but the title leaves something to be desired. It's nothing compared to "The Iron Door", though. That title was so lame they had to put a skull and crossbones on it to make it seem scary. Ooh! Look out! This story is so terrifying that we had to put a "poison" symbol on it. And what's going on in that little picture. Is that a guy hanging from a noose? Is he levitating? Where's the damn door?


"The Thing That Waited" is a slightly lame title but I have to admit if that's what's waiting for me I'm plenty scared. I mostly wanted to post this cover because the alien looks an awful lot like another would-be world conqueror.

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