Awesome Cover Friday - Nexus

I'm a huge First Comics fan. They put out some of the best titles of the 80s. My favorite of their publications was The Badger but Nexus was a close second.

The covers below are from the '90s during Dark Horse's possession of Nexus but I will always consider it to be a First title.

Woo! That's scary. Graveyard + Big Green Ghost Head = I'm buying this issue right now!

I absolutely love the composition on this one. It reminds me of some of my favorite Astro City covers. The stunning central image surrounded by all this muted, swirling chaos.

This one looks like a bad trip in all the best ways. An image like this is so much better than a static portrait no matter how well painted. This kind of thing smacks you in the head and shouts "Read me!". Kind of like the stuff in Through the Looking Glass but with big-ass bugs.

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