Like, Omigod! It's Totally Awesome Cover Friday!

I miss First Comics. I especially miss The Badger. It is one of the funniest comics ever published. Every now and then, though, the black humor turned into a chilling look at mental illness and the effects of trauma. The main character was a total wackjob who was a precursor to Morrison's Animal Man in some ways.

Here are three of my favorite covers:


Rhino!!! Buffalo!!! Lasso!!! The three essential elements for successful storytelling. Also, the buffalo's name is Lamont. That's extra value!


I like this one because our hero is being assisted by a pig. The pig's name is Senator. Yes, I remember the names of the animals from an obscure '80s comic. Shut up!


Kicking a nun in the face.

Kicking. A. Nun. In. The. Face.

Best. Cover. Ever.

Her name is Sister Twyster.

Shut up.

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