Indy Rampage

Jason Rodriguez, an editor for Hoarse and Buggy Productions explains why you should support independent comics.

More importantly, he points out the best way to support the indies:

There’s a popular misconception that supporting indy comics means never talking bad about them and buying everything ever made by every company and individual that scraped together some money to make a book. That’s wrong. That’s actually hurting indy comics. If you support everyone with a book, you’re saturating the market and making it more difficult for books of merit to break out of the crowd and actually start to make money. A lot of guys have just one shot and a great book and sometimes it’s tough to pick them out of all the noise.

Supporting indy comics means buying the small press books you like.

I've pointed out a few non-Marvel-or-DC titles I like but not as many as I'd like to. I'm going to bring more of those up in the future. I expect I'll pick up a few indy titles at Dragon*Con that I wouldn't have seen before and I'm headed to my FLCS today where I'll scout out some more.


Jason said...

Responsibility! Nice. Kudos to you good sir. Thanks for reading.

Vaklam said...

You bet! Thanks for writing! Keep up the great work.