Awesome Cover Friday: Weird Wonder Style!

Weird Wonder Tales ran for 22 issues in the 70s. It reprinted stories from the 50s and 60s but Marvel commissioned new covers for the reprints. The stories were all horror or sci/fi but many of the characters and situations found their way into regular Marvel continuity (see #7 below).

These little dudes are simultaneously malevolent and hilarious. I love the image in the upper left-hand corner. Where superhero comics would have little pictures of the main characters' heads this one has a rocketship, a planet and a skull. I'm totally getting that tattooed on my bicep.

The image on this cover is awesome, what with the lurid colors and the high cliff, but the title of the main story makes it one of the best covers ever. Seriously, what is his terrible power? Also, that's her husband?!? When you marry a big, skeletal, death-looking guy you've gotta expect that this sort of thing is going to happen eventually. She should have listened to her girlfriends: "Honey, this cycle of abuse is never going to end. You knew he was evil and undead when you were dating. Dump him."

Comic books are full of exciting, interesting characters who have true depth and are able to transcend their two-dimensional medium to the extent that they seem like real people. The Headmen are none of those things. They are one of the most fucked-up villain teams ever created and I love them! Dr. Arthur Nagan is their leader and the issue below reprints his origin story. The cover tells you all you really need to know.

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