I can't believe no one else is reporting this stuff. UPDATED

Art Spiegelman's Maus has been optioned for a live-action movie. No cast members are officially attached yet but Tom Cruise has expressed interest. Michael Bay will direct.

Greg Land discusses his upcoming work on Warren Ellis's next project Ultimate Stilt Man. He calls it his "proudest achievement yet".

Scott McCloud has announced that he will team up with Frank Quitely on a title for IDW. The details are still under wraps but McCloud describes it as "Like The OC but in space! With monkeys!"

Brian Hughes from Again With the Comics digs up information on the cancelled Jimmy Olsen Vertigo project.

Finally! Someone on the internet is talking about Kevin Church. It's about freakin' time.

Chris puts that punk-ass Jerry in his place. V01$+@GG d0th R001!

Michael from The Legion Omnicom gets an amazing scoop: The Season 2 episode lineup for the LSH series!


Brian Hughes said...

That Hughes fella is a lyin' polecat.

Vaklam said...

Tell me about it! You just can't trust anyone named Brian.