Awesome Cover Friday: Justice!

Yes, it's another title from the 1980s. But you know what? The '80s saw some of the most awesome comics ever produced. For example, Justice. This was part of Marvel's New Universe line which took place in, well, a different universe. It was pretty much like the one we live in until White Event (a big, white explosion in the sky) occurred. Then there were all kinds of freaky people with powers running around.

The line had its ups and downs but I think it was a successful experiment. Justice was a guy who started out as an alien who came to Earth around the same time as the White Event. His origin got retconned when Peter David was brought on as the writer and he became a DEA agent whose memories had been altered by some guy who hated him. Either way, the character transcended his "Judge-Dredd-Ripoff" beginnings and became a very cool character.

How much of a badass was Justice? He dressed like this:

and he still kicked ass. Justice made that mullet work!

Here are the covers:


Simple. Iconic. Interesting. This dude looks driven. Or his pants are on fire. Either way, I want to know why!


Here's a good action cover. BAM! Nice work on this one. I like the colors and the composition. Also: There's a big glowing fist knocking the crap out of someone!


This is my favorite Justice cover. It's visually different from most covers, it's bleak, and it's got a post-apocalypse thing going.

-=Special Bonus Cover!=-


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