Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Now With 100% More Gazoo!

Some covers are weird because of their subject matter. Others are attached to such weird-ass titles that they can't help but be weird. Back in the 1970s Charlton published 20 whole issues of The Great Gazoo starring the little green guy who killed the Flintstones TV show. Alas, the comic doesn't have Harvey Korman's voice but the magical dude from the future still goes around screwing stuff up for Fred and Barney.

The covers below tell a story. It's the tale of the back-and-forth relationship between Gazoo and Fred:


Right here in the first issue Fred uses Gazoo's spaceship as a bathtub. This really pisses the alien off.


So, Gazoo, with all his awesome reality-altering power, flips Fred ass-over-teakettle thus using him as a random number generator. By the way, this would make a pretty good Friday Night Fights entry.


Fred exacts his revenge by using Gazoo as a bowling ball. Considering that those pins are made of stone that's probably gonna leave a mark.


But Fred and Gazoo finally make up just in time to enter the, um, giant Kangasaurus races. And all is right with the world.

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