Heloooooo! I'm Back In The Shooooow!!

I'm back from Dragon*Con and boy are my arms tired. Also, hello to all new readers who picked up a flyer for Noetic Concordance at the con. How ya doin'?

I got to meet Andy Runton who is a very cool guy with an excellent indie haircut. I now have two signed Owly graphic novels and a plush Owly which was a big hit with my son:

Melissa got a super cute Owly shirt, too!

I also got to chat with the dapper Ted Naifeh and Brian Stelfreeze.

In non-comics news, I spent most of my time hanging around the Science and EFF Tracks watching presentations by Michael Shermer and Elonka Dunin who are both engaging speakers as well as being officially Wicked Smart.

More later as I find the pictures I'm looking for.

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