Awesome Cover Friday: Psi-Force!

Last week's Justice feature got me thinking about some of the other cool New Universe titles. Justice was my favorite but Psi-Force and DP7 tied for second. Psi-Force was about a group of teenagers who got psionic powers from the White Event. They were led by an ex-CIA agent called Psi-Hawk. No, really.

This title pushed all the appropriate Tomorrow People buttons for me at the time and I can still recall certain scenes vividly.


This is an excellent first cover. You got your kids with powers, your big, glowing Indian guy, your obligatory supergroup pose. It grabbed my attention so well I kept coming back.


The second issue starts off with a cool action scene. A good cover should make you ask questions. This one had me saying, "Woah! What's up with the intangible, astral-projecting dude?!?". The answer was pretty cool.


I think I like this one because it's got a Legion of Super-Heroes feel to it. Also, it's got a great economy of image. Just a few elements combine to say a lot.


This is my favorite of the batch. Look at the detail on the faces in the background. This was a really good "price of power" issue and the cover sells it.

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