Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Decision 2007!

Yesterday was election day here in The States so, this week, Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday is devoted to our elected officials!

Prez #1

Prez is the best comic series ever written about a teenager who became President of the United States. Nothing more needs to be said.

3-D Bullwinkle For President #1

Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a swing state out of my hat!

The Governor and J.J. #1

Governor Drinkwater was a widower so his zookeeper daughter fills in as First Lady. Zookeeper! Governor! This thing just writes itself!

Prez #4

Here's another Prez cover. As you can see, he was a very hands-on Commander-In-Chief. Trivia: "Vampire in the White House" is also the title of Dick Cheney's upcoming autobiography.

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