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There's gonna (probably) be a Starkweather: Immortal Movie. I'm enjoying the comic so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how this shapes up.

Looking for a bunch of Kirby Monster Stories which were never reprinted? I wasn't but I sure am, now!

Are you a plumber? Do you want to be in a comic book? Click here to realize your dreams! Also: Free Toilet!!

And now, here's a sequence in which Guy Gardner gets beat up by a mouse:

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Patrick said...

Thanks for the love, as always! Dave and I are pretty jazzed about the Starkweather movie news, though as you know anything can happen with these things... including "nothing".

Another piece of news: I've just signed an exclusive contract with Marvel's Licensing division (or "creative services" as they like to call it). I'm already doing a bunch of freelance work for them, and starting the first of the year I'll be doing nothing but Marvel for all of '08! Except - I was given an exclusion to finish up Starkweather, which I've still got a couple of issues left to do. And I just saw the lettered pages for issue #2 and it looks pretty darn cool.