Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Jughead's Time Police!

Greetings, blog readers! It is I, King Clownape! I have returned to bring you images which will blow your minds! None of my minds were blown, of course, because I have three. That's why I'm king. Three brains.

Observe (if you dare!) the madness that is Jughead's Time Police. Did you know that your precious timestream is safe only because of the efforts of one Forsythe Pendleton Jones III? His tireless fight against those who would use time travel for their own nefarious purposes should be in the history books. But you know what? It's not! Because if it was in the books it never would have happened! Wrap your single brains around that one! Here, check out the covers. And peel me a banana.


Jack Norris said...

I love the way that Lincoln looks; just a standard house style goofy surprised guy with an Abe beard & outfit. He almost looks like he's about to leap into Jugheads arms Shaggy & Scooby style.

Yedna said...

The idea of an Archie character travelling through time really appeals to me. I can't believe I'd never heard of this title before. Thanks for posting these covers.