Deadly Beloved by Max Collins on the way!

Actual content will reappear Real Soon Now but things are slowing down this month because I've seriously overbooked myself. I'm writing a novel for NaNoWriMo (fifth year in a row), I've just started playing on this awesome, new MUSH, and I'm running a tabletop Amber Diceless game. So, the reviews I want to do will have to wait. Things will clear up after the end of the month but until I get caught up on my word count the posts here will be down to two or three a week.

Until then, check this out:

Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty did a cool comic called Ms. Tree which hopped around from publisher to publisher. The premise was similar to what would have happened if Mike Hammer had married his badass secretary and then been killed during the honeymoon.

Why am I telling you this? Because I'm a member of Hard Case Crime's book club and I just got my copy of Deadly Beloved which is the first Ms. Tree novel. It hits the retail stores in December so keep an eye out for it. Beatty even did the cover:

Also, here's one of the covers from the comic back when it was with Renegade Press. Click to embiggen:

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