Awesome Cover Friday: Prince of Power Edition!

There were two Hercules limited series (1982 and 1984) which both took place in the 24th century. They were full of action, adventure, and humor and they produced some of the best covers ever.

#1 - First Series

This is the image which springs to my mind whenever I think of Hercules. Look at him! He's standing on an asteroid facing off against a bunch of guys in space armor and a couple of starships! And he's got a mace!

#4 - First Series

The first series started off with Hercules pissing off Zeus and being exiled to fly around the universe in Apollo's chariot which is a great image. He fratboys his way from system to system and ends up saving a world from being eaten by Galactus. The best part of the story is the part where Hercules tries to get the Big G drunk. It doesn't work but the Eater of Worlds is so amused that he spares the planet.

Oh, and get this: The planet is inhabited by a race of snail-like guys who are the best distillers in the universe. And it's called Ciegrim-7! Anyway, whatever Galactus is doing to Hercules has got to really hurt.

#4 - Second Series

The second series ended with Zeus going batshit crazy and killing all the other gods. Hercules stood alone against him and it was one of the coolest scenes ever. Since it came out thirteen years ago, I feel safe in spoiling the story.

It was all a test by Zeus. The gods were going to another plane of existence and he was testing Herc's mettle. Hercules decided to stay on this plane in order to father a new race of gods. Not bad.


Jason said...

You know, I have an old trade paperback of that first series and I remembered that I loved it.

There was also a graphic novel (one of Marvel's old over-sized jobbies) that come out in like '88 to put a cap on Layton's Herc tales. I don't remember if it's any good, but I just say it in the basement the other day, guess I'll have to crack it open.

Vaklam said...

Wow. I didn't know about the '88 installment. I'll have to track that down. Fortunately, I'm headed to a huge con in a couple of weeks.