When Awesome Cover Friday Throws Its Mighty Shield!

I was never a huge Captain America fan. I was more of a Spider-Man guy. The stories with Nomad were cool and I really liked the Scourge saga but mostly I would pick up any issue whose cover caught my eye. Here are a few.


OK, sure. It's no Gorilla/Shark High Five but it's still pretty hard to beat an image of M.O.D.O.K. out of his chair being jumped on by Death Adder and Ol' Winghead. I almost feel sorry for the little, big-headed guy.


Speaking of Nomad, here he is! With a gun! And Madame Hydra! And...Hot Air Balloons?!?

OK. Maybe they were going for a Steranko-Meets-The-Prisoner thing. Anyway, this cover is awesome and it promises a story that's, like, twice as awesome.


Hee, hee, hee! I defy you not to be a little happier after viewing this cover. Look at it! Wacky hijinks! Giant typewriter! A bouncing dude! What, are you made of stone?

OK, fine! Nighthawk's foes are attacking him with (from left to right) exploding swatches, blasts of nauseating gas called "mink stink", and an inflatable suit. Sorry to bring out the big guns but you forced my hand.


Yeah, this one's kind of a downer but it's easily my favorite Captain America cover for the design alone. The expression on his face and the way he's blending into the background as if to show how diminished he is by the situation upgrades this cover from "good" to "awesome".

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