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The Programme #1 - Wildstorm (2007)

Wow! This miniseries is off to a hell of a start.

The story and art both remind me of Winter Men. This is an excellent intro issue. Peter Milligan fleshes out the setting as much as it needs to be and he lays out the stakes the characters will be playing for right there on page 6.

This title is crammed full of mystery, intrigue, and massive explosions. The story is cool but it's C.P. Smith's art that really sells it. The layouts are dynamic, the images evoke the right mood, and the colors by Johnny Rench make each panel jump off the page. Also, even though the main action takes place "today", there's a heavy dose of WWII thrown in and that always gets extra points from me.

X-Factor #22 - Marvel (2007)

Last month I said that X-Factor #20 was the best issue yet. It's a good thing I threw that "yet" qualifier in there because this one is even besterer! Peter David really gets these characters and I get the sense that he is having a blast writing about them. We get some great character moments, some more cool stuff is revealed about the Marvel Universe, and Rahne gets laid. What's not to love?

The A-story where Siryn and Monet attempt to rescue a couple of kids who have been brainwashed by their parents into singing truly awful anti-mutant songs is entertaining and creepy and introduces a couple of badass mercenaries to the title. There is no comic which can not be improved by the addition of badass mercs. Yes, even Sugar and Spike.

Pablo Raimondi's art is excellent, especially his facial expressions, but with this title it's the story which shines brightest. The Endandered Species short at the end was even awesome.

World War Hulk #3 - Marvel (2007)

Not much to say about this. You know what to expect. There's lots of Hulk, lots of smashing, and lots of property damage. People who have been able to calm the Hulk down before discover that he's not really in the mood just now and Hulk's Warbound finally get to do some really cool stuff.

I have discovered that unlike the Sinestro Corps event, I don't have to buy all the tie-in issues to keep up with the story. So, I'm only buying this main title and Gamma Corps right now. I said that you know what to expect from this title but that's not entirely true. The final page surprised and amused me. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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