Slouching Towards Dragon*Con!

I leave tomorrow for the wilds of Atlanta. I'll be at Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend and I'll attempt to blog from there but if previous years are any indication I won't be doing much of that. The usual Wednesday and Friday features will appear but after that there may not be much else on here until the middle of next week.

Peter David and Brian Stelfreeze will be there and I'm going to try to get some of their stuff signed. I'm also looking forward to seeing Ted Naifeh, David Mack and Eric Powell. Other than comics stuff I will be playing a LOT of games, gawking at celebrities, making poor dietary choices, and sleeping far too little.

If you're reading this and you will be at the con please either leave a comment letting me know you'll be there or email me at Vaklam AT Gmail DOT com.

See you on the other side!

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