You WILL Believe in Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday

Ghosts was a DC title from the '70s about, you guessed it, ghosts! Sometimes the definition of "ghost" was a little loose but for the most part the tales of the restless undead were genuinely creepy. The covers were typical of the time. Check 'em out:


OK, this guy is now the Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday mascot. It was gonna be Jimmy Olsen but this one is the champ!


Yes, but he'll never play the piano again.


Holy crap! How cool is this? In the afterlife this dude gets to exact revenge upon his murderers with HIS OWN CORPSE!!!!!



Also, I misread the text at the bottom as "Best of Satan" which would be a pretty good name for one of those DC Showcase reprints.


Jason said...

Dude, Ultra, the Multi-Alien's got nothing on King-Clown-Monkey Man! All you need to do is swipe out the rather dour looking king for the current, creepy Burger King dude and you've got the ultimate nightmare figure for kids from 8 months to 80 years!

Vaklam said...

You're right, Jason! Throw some spider legs on there and it's cosmically scary!